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Live Resers TOC Finals

215 Hebling C vs Mole CC
1st Mole for 2 TD out of bounds
     Hebling reversal
     Mole escape
     Mole in on a single, out of bounds, no score
     3-2 Mole end of round
2nd Mole takes down
      Hebling with the legs in, turns Mole for 2
      Hebling still in with the legs, scores another 2
      Mole scrambling for a reversal
      6-5 Hebling end of round
3rd Hebling takes down
      Hebling rode out of bounds, 1:16 left.
      Hebling scores 1 escape
      Mole with a shot, finshes for 2 to tie the score
      :35 secs left, out of bounds
      Mole cuts Hebling, 8-7 Hebling.
      Mole in on a shot, hips into MOle and puts him to his back
      Hebling with 12-7

285 Owens T vs Palakiko C
1st Bear hugs to start, out of bounds no score
     Battle for position, out of bounds no score
     Bubba snap down for 2
     2-0 Owens.
2nd Owens takes 30 secs to get escape
      Position battle from their feet
      Owens with a deep beat hug, Palakiko defends, no score
      3-0 Owens
3rd Palakiko chooses down
      Owens riding well, working an arm bar
      Owens still working the arm, Palakiko gets hit for stalling :52 secs left
      Owens still working for the bar, trying for a tilt or turn
      Owens rides Palakiko out
      3-0 Owens Final

103 Kostenborder S vs Jorgensen H
1st Jorgensen in on a front headlock, can't finish.
     Lost of tie ups, but no scores
     0-0 end of round
2nd Jorgensen takes down
      Stall warning Jorgensen, out of bounds
      Kostenborder works for a arm bar, Ben keeps moving to get out of it
      Jorgensen finally breaks free for an escape
      Jorgensen in on a front headlock, spin behind for 2
      3-0 Jorgensen
3rd Kostenborder down
      Jorgensen in tight on a spiral ride
      Now has the legs in, working a power half
      Jorgensen torking the half, gets a a 1 count
      Ref breaks the hold for illegal move, 1 pt Kostenborder
      Kostenborder tries a granby, but no score
      Jorgensen 3-1 Final

112 Siciliano N vs Nelson C
1st Nelson works an inside trip, but out of bounds
     Tommy with a firemans, for 2
     In on a tilt, Nelson on his back
     Tommy with a 2 count
     4-0 Siciliano
2nd Nelson takes down
      Tommy with a bar, looking for another tilt
      Tommy with bar-half, can't get the count, out of bounds.
      Nelson to his feet, Tommy holds on, stalemate
      Nelson back to his feet, but quickly back down
      Tommy gets a tilt and gets the 5 count
      7-0 Siciliano
3rd Siciliano takes top
      Tommy with a wrist-half gets out of position
      Nelson capitalizes and scores a reversal
      Nelson working hard for back points, but gets to high
      Tommy with 2 reversal     
      Tommy rides Nelson out
      9-2 Siciliano Final

119 Rodriguez H vs Reese G
1st Rodriguez re-shot, in deep
     Reese too quick, gets away and spins behind for 2
     Reese riding tough, Rodriguez tries to manuever
     Mikey grabs Reese's legs but nothing
     Reese rides Ridriguez out
     2-0 Reese
2nd Rodriguez takes down
      Rodriguez starts to get away, Reese persistant
      Reese hangs on for a bit, but Rodriguez scores a reversal
      Rodriguez hesitates, Reese keeps wrestling scores a granby for 4 pts.
      Reese very persistant on top
      6-2 Reese
3rd Reese is down
      Reese nearly gets away in another granby
      Rodriguez hangs on
      Reese out on top, looking to score, gets 1
      Rodriguez scores 2 TD
      Reese holds on
      7-4 Reese Final

125 Lofstedt R vs Baltazar C
1st Quick flurry to start, out of bounds
     Baltazar in quickly, scores 2 out of bounds
     Miguel working for a tilt, can't score
     Lofstedt stays tough, scores 1
     Baltazar 2-1
2nd Lofstedt takes down
      Quickly away this time, scores 1
      Miguel in quickly again on a double, scores 2
      Lofstedt scores an escape right away for 1
      Lofstedt shoots, Miguel fights him off, no score
      out of bounds
      stall warning Miguel
      4-3 Baltazar
3rd Both up
      Baltazar shoots, misses, Lofstedt re-shoots and scores
      Lofstedt tilts Baltazar for 2 1:02 remains
      Lofstedt staying tough on top, stall warning Lofstedt
      Miguel tries to stand up, no score
      Miguel score 1, bumps Lofstedt to his back, has both feet in and ref gives him nothing
      7-5 Lofstedt Final

130 Lowry C vs Arand T
1st Arand tries a ankle pick, but gets nowhere.
     Out of bounds
     Arand on a deep single, Lowry fights, Arand for 2
     Lowry with a quick sit out for 1
     Lowry in on a single, can't finish
     2-1 Arand
2nd Lowry takes down
      Lowry scores 1
      Lowry on a single, Arand sprawls, no score
      2-2 Tie
3rd Arand takes down
      Arand almost gets away, Lowry hangs on, no score
      Lowry working a wrist-bar
      Arand on his back
      Lowry scoops up a double bar, sits out
      Arand fighting hard can't get away
      5-2 Lowry Final

135 Cowell GP vs Luna C
1st Luna with a quick score for 2
     Nearly turns Cowell, no score
     Luna with a bar-tilt, 1 count no score
     Scramble out of bounds.
     Luna works anoth tilt but Cowell fights it, no score
     2-0 Luna
2nd Luna takes down
      Cowell with the legs in, trying to score
      Stall warning
      2-0 Luna
3rd Cowell takes down
      Luna riding tough
      Luna with the legs in, finally turns Cowell for 3
      5-0 Luna Final

140 Pena S vs Mecham R
1st Pena with a quick takedown
     Works a bar for a 3 count, 2 NF
     Works another bar for a 5 count, 3 NF
     7-0 Pena
2nd Pena takes down
      Quick reversal for 2
      Another Bar scores Pena another 3
      Almost pins Mecham
      Mecham fights back and gets 1
      Pena with an ankle pick scores 2
      Turns Mecham again for 3
      17-1 tf Pena Final

145 Newton C vs Chandler N
1st Chandler injury defaults to Newton

152 Drinkwater B vs Sturdevant N
1st Mitch in on a single, Drinkwater fighting hard
     Drinkwater persistant, almost behind, no score out of bounds
     0-0 Tie
2nd Sturdevant takes down
      Drinkwater trying that patented Burns cradle
      Mitch fighting the hands well
      Drinkwater switches sides, gets cross face deep, loses it
      Drinkwater tough on top, can't seem to latch anything on to score
      Drinkwater with a nice blanket ride, Mitch gets to his feet, brought back down
      Mitch back to his feet, almost gets one, time
      0-0 Tie
3rd Drinkwater takes down
      Joe gets 1
      Mitch needs to score
      Mitch on a single, Drinkwater with a great sprawl gets away, out of bounds
      Mitch shoots in again and again, but gets nothing
      :27 secs left
      Stalling Drinkwater
      Drinkwater holds on
      1-0 Drinkwater Final

160 Larson H vs Ortiz N
1st Both with lots of action from their feet
     Ortiz in on a deep double, Larson defends
     Larson in a front headlock, no score
     Ortiz hits a sweet drag, in deep on a single
     Scoops the head for a cradle, pins Larson

171 Rasch C vs Chandler N
1st Pac-9 Matchup
     Lost of action but no scoring so far
     Chandler on a deep double
     Rasch counters with a big time throw to Chandlers back
     Rasch working for the fall, but Chandler fights off his back.
     Chandler hits a sit out, gets caught in another throw, but scrambles and gets 1
     5-1 Rasch
2nd Chandler takes down
      Rasch working for a bar, Chandler fighting back
      Stall warning Rasch
      Rasch working a wrist half, no score after a good scramble
      Chandler scrambles for an escape
      5-2 Rasch
3rd Both up
      Chandler shoots, Rasch catches him
      Rasch throws Chandler to his back, steps over, has it tight
      Chandler stays strong and fights off his back
      Rasch hit for stalling again, 1 pt Chandler
      Chandler scrambles for 1 again
      Chandler on a nice high crotch, can't score
      11-4 Rasch Final

189 Johnson R vs Geiger S
1st Geiger on a hard double, nearly turns Johnson
     Out of bounds for 2
     Geiger cuts him
     Johnson shoots, gets nothing
     Geiger re-shoots, gets nothing
     Johnson shoots again, gets a single, nearly scores
     Geiger scrambles to get free, out of bounds
     2-1 Geiger
2nd Geiger starts down
      Geiger scrambles, gets free, scrambles some more and gets a reversal
      Cuts Johnson, Geiger scores another takedown quickly
      Johnson gets free for 1
      Geiger in on another deep double, scores and nearly turns Johnson again

Live Reser's TOC Updates

Got in an accident and made it here a little late.

Kostenborder S beat Omlid CC
Jorgenson H beat Van Anrooy R

Siciliano N pins Van Wagoner
Nelson C beat Britt H 15-9(?)

Rodriguez H beats Stampke B 6-1
Reese G beats Garcia Glen 19-17OT

Lofstedt R beats Richardson C 9-2
Baltazar C beats Palmer B 14-2

Lowry C beats Lander 2-1 on last second reversal
Arand T beats Honl S 9-6

Cowell GP beats Schaff B 3-1
Luna Cl beats Cornett N 5-4

Pena Spr pins Cate B
Mecham R beat Forrester Glide 3-2

Newton C beats Gutches Crater on last second takedown
Chandler N beats Morris OC 14-8 as I listen to a husband and wife go nuts in the stands and some old guy yelling every 2 seconds "Wrestle!!"

Drinkwater B beats Halter G 7-0
Sturdevant N beat Chapman CC 6-4 with a little drama at the end.

Larson H pins Perry CC
Ortiz N pins Kelley R

Rasch C beats Berger H 5-0
Chandler N beats Peterman WS 4-3

Johnson R beats Doman C 13-3
Geiger S pins Shoesmith GP

Mole CC beats Barichio T  3-1
Hebling CB beats Brown N 9-3

Owens T pins Hesse C
Palakiko Cle beats Albert CC while his dad goes nuts in the stands, then leaps out in excitement. Gotta love it!!

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