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1 Century 401
2 Sunset 360.5
3 Evergreen 201
4 South Albany 185.5
5 South Salem 139.5
6 Jefferson 101.5
7 Parkrose 90.5
8 Wilsonville 40

103 Results
1st Place - Jerret Canovas of Evergreen
2nd Place - Stormi Alvis of South Salem
3rd Place - Kai Limuaco of Sunset
4th Place - Quinn Haslett of Sunset
5th Place - Junior Ortega of Century

112 Results
1st Place - Zach Holland of Evergreen
2nd Place - DeAngelo Bell of Jefferson
3rd Place - Robert Duran of South Albany
4th Place - Paolo Esteban of Sunset
5th Place - Kaleb Mathers of Century
6th Place - Nick Hilweh of Wilsonville

119 Results
1st Place - Jon Lucero of Wilsonville
2nd Place - Gustavo Tayun of Sunset
3rd Place - Taylor Peck of Century
4th Place - Dustin Hoffman of Sunset
5th Place - Dylan Vandehey of Century
6th Place - Drew Minnick of South Salem

125 Results
1st Place - Maynor Sandoval of Sunset
2nd Place - Jordan Real of Century
3rd Place - Colten Stephens of South Albany
4th Place - Hayden Sexsmith of Parkrose
5th Place - Jacob Quitugua of South Albany
6th Place - Spenser Marsh of Century

130 Results
1st Place - Tim Vandehey of Century
2nd Place - Kevin Palmer of Century
3rd Place - Matt Claisse of Parkrose
4th Place - Kyler Lehman of South Albany
5th Place - Deontae Wickware of South Albany
6th Place - Tad Greenheigh of Parkrose

135 Results
1st Place - Cody Hall of Century
2nd Place - Tyler Cremer of South Albany
3rd Place - Zach Carson of Century
4th Place - Tyler Rookstool of South Salem
5th Place - Jake Eiland of Sunset
6th Place - Matt Clark of South Salem

140 Results
1st Place - Tarrance Williams of Jefferson
2nd Place - Will Berrigan of Sunset
3rd Place - Kyle Robinson of Sunset
4th Place - Adam Swogger of South Salem
5th Place - Ron Jones of Century
6th Place - Tyler Corey of Century .

145 Results
1st Place - Kyle Stimpson of South Albany
2nd Place - Levi Miner of Evergreen
3rd Place - Kyle Cahoon of Evergreen
4th Place - Austin Solterbeck of South Salem
5th Place - Justin Jones of Sunset
6th Place - Simon Maunge of Jefferson

152 Results
1st Place - Trent Simon of South Albany
2nd Place - Deavon Strawn of Sunset
3rd Place - Stefan Kunz of South Salem
4th Place - Matt Jones of Century
5th Place - Zach Bagley of Evergreen
6th Place - Brad Haag of South Salem

160 Results
1st Place - Patrick Burns of Century
2nd Place - Cort Nutter of Evergreen
3rd Place - Joel Harrison of Sunset
4th Place - Mike Wilson of Century
5th Place - Brandon Hall of South Salem
6th Place - Robert Thomas of Jefferson

171 Results
1st Place - AJ Juliano of Century
2nd Place - David Bellen of Evergreen
3rd Place - Derek Verhoest of Sunset
4th Place - Michael Verbeek of Sunset
5th Place - Robert Classey of Evergreen
6th Place - Nick Saccareccia of Century

189 Results
1st Place - Cameron Duckworth of Parkrose
2nd Place - Jason McDonald of Sunset
3rd Place - Bryce Lamberson of Sunset
4th Place - Billy Gunther of Century
5th Place - Shag Seidle of South Salem
6th Place - Stephen Romero of Evergreen

215 Results
1st Place - Drew Parker of Evergreen
2nd Place - Quinn Gordon of Sunset
3rd Place - Nolan Voorhies of Century
4th Place - Jake Beutler of Century
5th Place - Alvin Johnson of Jefferson
6th Place - Colton Tuhy of Sunset

285 Results
1st Place - LJ Hammer of Century
2nd Place - Steven Gonzalez of South Albany
3rd Place - Jared Bridgewater of Century
4th Place - Josh Tonga of Jefferson
5th Place - Hunter Lacaden of Sunset
6th Place - Jon Wilkes of South Albany
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