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You can only cage an animal for so long  By Richard Rockwell

This quarantine nonsense is starting to wear thin. I imagine this is what it's like for lions in a zoo. Probably the reason why I don't find zoo's very appealing. You can only keep a caged animal in captivity for so long before it snaps. We are all animals by nature. Wrestlers more so than anything. Lets imagine what a day for a wrestler is like, especially this week, as we should be watching the NCAA Championships at this time.

Rise and Grind: Like any other day, its time to Rise and Grind as they say in our sport. I throw on my long sleeve shirt and sweats. Got to make sure my socks are tucked over the sweats and shirt tucked in. Heat needs to stay trapped so I can drop a quick 5lbs in order to eat a good breakfast and lunch. Hit some pushups and situps real quick, to get that sweat going. Eggs for protein, rice for dessert. Hit a few up downs while cooking. Got to keep my heart rate up. Head gear on while we eat our scrambled eggs and rice. Feel naked without them. Backyardigans is our morning choice of entertainment. 

I hear the kids start to get up one at a time, ready to eat. Form a weight line. Got to earn your breakfast in this house. Best two out of three go's. Winner gets breakfast. Loser does chores. Niko tries to hit me with some funk and I brush him away. Poor technique and poor execution. His stance is crap. Looks like I'm the only one eating today. Bunch of C teamers.

Good sweat going now though. Feel the beads down my back. Check my weight and I've only lost 3.2lbs. Underwear weigh at least .4lbs so I'm close but not good enough. Wind sprints down the hallway with a few burpees, should suffice. Check again and now 5.1lbs under, allows me room for a good lunch and .1lb snack. Shower time. Defense Soap and Head n Shoulders are my go to.

Embrace the Grind: Lunch was good. Bottle of water and a PB and J. A bag of rice cakes for my .1lb snack. Don't tell coach but I snuck a few Doritos. He won't know. After a quick game of backyard spike ball, I step on the scale and I've gained 8lbs! How is that possible? I didn't even eat anything??? Two layers of sweats this time with a stocking cap. Not taking any chances. Push ups and sit ups to get me going again. Tell the old lady to get into a stance so I can practice blast doubles and snap downs. She's such a terrible practice partner but I make due. She's definitately JV status. She scores a quick two when my headgear fall down over my face. Such a cheater. I tie my shoe to get my mind right. Restart and hit her with an inside trip to her back and the quick pin. Nobody tries to embarrass me in my house. She'll learn that she's got to earn those wins.

Penetration steps down the hallway mixed with jumping jacks. Box jumps on the kitchen table are good too. Wife isn't happy about that but I got Embrace the Grind and stay focused. To hell with the kids' lunch cuz I'm all about that life.

There's the door. Expecting the latest Rudi's gear in the mail. UPS driver seems a little confused when I hit a few singles on him. Got to keep that sweat going though. Keep my feet moving. He's cool until the over under. I say "I'd rather throw ya than know ya." Elbows in bro, elbows in. I hit a few sprawls as he walks back to his truck to let him know that if I shoot I score, he shoots I score. He don't want this smoke. I step on the scale. I've only lost 3lbs. Going to be a long night.

Comfortable with being uncomfortable: Ever forget to change your sweaty underwear after practice? This is probably what they meant by being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Are Gold Medals made from Gold?: No dinner since I'm not even close to weight. This is going to test my will power as I try to get my weight down. Everyone is eating tacos and I'm left with a slice of orange and an ice cube. I'm starting to get irritable but I scroll through Youtube for matches to keep my mind at ease. I watch as Kyle Dake and David Taylor scrap, thinking back to my JV days. "I would've just teched Dake," comes to mind several times.

Why didn't Molinaro just hit a stand up?
Just chin whip McIlravy, Gerry!
Sanderson only had an ankle pick. Just stop letting him have your ankles!
Cowcatcher would beat Burroughs every time, I know it.
John Smith's low single really wasn't that low.
Red Alert Guys! RED ALERT!

So many matches I would've done different and came out the victor. I feel a comeback is in order.

Man do those tacos smell good. One won't hurt. Maybe two. Crap. Time to workout again but my workout partner is being a bum. Something about having to put the kids to bed or something. I'm not really paying attention as I practice standups on my 6yr old. She can't hold me for nothing. Needs to work on her top game. Stop my first move. I tell her between standups, "Gold Medals aren't really made of Gold. They're made from sweat, determination and a hard to find alloy called guts." She cries to her mom. Such weak sauce. Ain't going to win no Gold with that sort of quitter attitude.

I check my weight and I'm back to being 5lbs over again. Regretting those tacos about now. Sleeping in sweats tonight. Tomorrow is another day. I could probably mow the lawn in a sauna suit. 

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