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The OWFRankingsResultsWrestling NewsMisc.HSORWAY
1 186.50 Crane
2 142.00 Lowell
3 103.00 Pine Eagle
4 87.00 Joseph
5 63.00 Wallowa
6 57.00 Imbler
7 26.00 Gilchrist
8 22.00 Sherman County
9 20.50 North Lake
10 19.00 Adrian
11 13.50 McKenzie

Carl Neumann was voted outstanding wrestler

103 No Entries

1st Devin Thorn Pine Eagle
2nd Gus Titus Crane
3rd Forrest Cox Wallowa
4th Lewis Whiting Crane
5th Tyler Hardenbrook Imbler

1st Colby Byers Wallowa
2nd Garrett Degraw Crane
3rd Briana Brown Crane

1st Avery Overton North Lake
2nd Clayton Macomber Crane
3rd Jesse Olsen Adrian
4th Richard Smith McKenzie
5th Ryanne Whitley Sherman County

1st Zack Justesen Sherman County
2nd Chase Creason Crane
3rd Jared Boyles Lowell
4th Boone Casarez Lowell
5th Isaiah Buck Wallowa
6th Erick Masterson Pine Eagle

1st Kyle Riggs Lowell
2nd Sam Garnett Joseph
3rd Kenny Willsey Crane
4th Melvin Stratis Lowell
5th Josh Williams Crane
6th Tyzic Rivera Wallowa

1st Nick Moncrief Joseph
2nd Brian Riggs Lowell
3rd Austin Prenovost Lowell
4th Jacob Brennan Crane
5th Cody Powell Pine Eagle
6th Ethan Rux McKenzie

1st Matt Holloway Crane
2nd Ransom Smith Gilchrist
3rd Erik Ingebretson Lowell
4th Josh Windheim Lowell
5th Tysen Hayney Pine Eagle
6th Daniel Lode Adrian

1st Zach Cardwell Lowell
2nd Kyle Dennis Pine Eagle
3rd Joe Couglan Imbler
4th Justin Davis Crane
5th Clancy Warnock Joseph
6th Kamren Demarce Lowell

1st Jake Noyes Imbler
2nd Cory Reasoner Pine Eagle
3rd Cody Erlei Lowell
4th John Jordan Joseph
5th James Prechtl Adrian

1st Caleb Cardwell Lowell
2nd Matt Tarter Pine Eagle
3rd Chris Brower Crane
4th Kyle Coons Sherman County
5th Tate Eakin Sherman County
6th Jake Scheaffer Wallowa

1st Ray Thompson Crane
2nd Ethan Lowe Joseph
3rd David Jordan Pine Eagle
4th Seth Maxwell Adrian
5th Andrew Mcdermott Gilchrist

1st Ben Garnett Joseph
2nd Zach Lathrop Wallowa
3rd Ritchie Gonzales Pine Eagle
4th Jeff Crow Gilchrist
5th Matt Rivera Lowell

1st Carl Neumann Crane
2nd Ryan Hake Lowell
3rd Forrest Farris Imbler
4th Cameron Princena Wallowa
5th Brent Teeter Imbler
6th Will Hurt Crane
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